The Sum of all things….

Life is sculpted by the sum of all the little choices you make throughout every day. I do not intend to give you cause to agonize over every little decision but instead to see the beauty in this, the opportunity to improve yourself one day at a time, one change at a time. Looking at the whole, makes change too overwhelming, easier to just stay in your comfort zone….but ask your self “am I really comfortable?” More comfortable than change, most likely, but consider breaking it down into a bunch of little changes, start somewhere and build. Stepping (ok, sometimes requiring a solid push) outside your comfort zone is scary but so rewarding.

Take a look at where/who you are, what you like about where/who you are and then consider what it is you would improve. What’s stopping you? Life is not a destination but a journey for continued improvement and experimentation to create a better life and a better you.

What would make a better you? What would make you smile more every day?

Your 1st challenge is simply to get started, not with the biggest change or the toughest challenge but just  get started, make one change today and conquer it! Take the strength you find within yourself with every little victory to move forward and tackle another challenge.

Where will you start?

Today I will ___________________.


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