It’s Pomegranate Season!

  PowerFood, Superfruit! Love Pomegranates! They are in season for a short time and I take full advantage!

Pomegranates are nutrient dense, full of health benefits, providing vitamin C, B5, flavonoids, antioxidants and fiber.

Takes a bit of work and can be a bit of mess to get to the edible seeds of the pomegranate but well worth the effort.  Cut off the top of the pomegranate and gently slice around the outer skin of the pomegranate then gently pull it open into sections with your fingers. You will make a mess, juice seems to squirt so keep a towel handy, and you will end up with pomegranate pink fingers by the time you are done. Separate the seeds from the inner membrane and pop them into a bowl keep them in the fridge….if any make it there. 🙂 I think my kids eat half of the pomegranate before I finish harvesting the seeds (I have the same problem when I slice watermelon in the summer! )

Eat the seeds on their own as  sweet snack, toss them onto cereal or salad or mix them in your yogurt. Perhaps an ingredient for an antioxidant packed smoothie or shake? Be creative and enjoy!

Any other favorite uses for the powerful pomegranate?


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