Super Mom cape got lost at the cleaners…

SuperMom capeAfter soaring high for quite a while it came to my attention that my Super Mom suit probably needed a good cleaning….unfortunately it got lost at the cleaners for ….too long…

Somewhere in that time, I veered off course, slowly reverting back to my old ways, snacking mindlessly (and not on carrots and celery) became overwhelmed easily, passing on training sessions because I “didn’t have time.” Stress levels rose, sleep suffered, energy levels dipped…
I did start to acknowledge the problem and tried to steer back to my old flight path , yet suffered from too many “I’ll start tomorrows.”

The good news? My super suit has been  located and returned….the not so good news….it shrunk….or… it couldn’t be…? Honestly? I lost my way without my cape, flying a little low, lost a little speed and certainly lost some momentum….and… gained a little fluff….The best news? My favorite boys don’t even notice. But I do, I have the super power to be me and Mom.

The shrinking of my Super Mom suit 🙂 was a wake up call. I am human. But it is time to dig deep, fight for me and find my own superness again.

My cape is back on, my head on straight(er) and I am on a mission to fit back in my suit, get moving forward and inspire the world of Super Moms to find their strength to build fit and healthy lifestyles for their families.


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