Food for Thought….Thought for Food

Success in achieving my fitness goals lies in sticking with the nutrition plan, the regular workouts are ingrained in my schedule and I thoroughly enjoy them and give them my all! The nutrition however is a much bigger challenge for me. My tastes are limited and I am working hard to find ways to enjoy foods that I know will benefit me in my quest. An even bigger challenge, and I am certainly not alone in this one…emotional and mindless eating! How frustrating it can be to stick with the nutrition plan and then be plagued my a mindless eating binge….Conquering this challenge requires establishing a new relationship with food and finding a new means of dealing with stress, boredom or whatever else may be your trigger to reach into the cabinet …how about doing 20 push ups the next time you reach for an unplanned snack?

Next time you reach for something to eat, think about why you are eating….are you hungry, bored, stressed? Then think again….will eating it  help me reach my goals or make me more stressed because I am one more day away from living the healthier lifestyle I am striving to achieve?

How do you decide what it is you want to eat? Do you choose food because your body needs the fuel and the building blocks or do you choose foods that taste good or make you feel good …at least for the moment. If you choose a food because you enjoy its flavor do you eat it slowly enough and with enough awareness to actually enjoy its flavor or do you toss a handful in your mouth and simply add to your caloric surplus for the day? What about the foods that make you feel good? Does that feeling last longer than the time that flavor is in your mouth only to feel worse later? Ask 2 questions: is it worth it now and will I still think it was worth it later.

So much about changing your eating patterns is mental and emotional, true success in sticking with a healthy eating plan starts with a change in attitude and a better relationship with food. I’m not saying not to enjoy your food but at least take a moment and consider what you eat, and why, before you eat it….Take the time to enjoy the flavors in the foods that you choose and learn to enjoy some healthier choices (hey, if I can learn to enjoy oatmeal and egg whites…). And most importantly find a healthier outlet for stress, make life exciting to avoid eating out of boredom and always keep your eating mindful.


Super Mom cape got lost at the cleaners…

SuperMom capeAfter soaring high for quite a while it came to my attention that my Super Mom suit probably needed a good cleaning….unfortunately it got lost at the cleaners for ….too long…

Somewhere in that time, I veered off course, slowly reverting back to my old ways, snacking mindlessly (and not on carrots and celery) became overwhelmed easily, passing on training sessions because I “didn’t have time.” Stress levels rose, sleep suffered, energy levels dipped…
I did start to acknowledge the problem and tried to steer back to my old flight path , yet suffered from too many “I’ll start tomorrows.”

The good news? My super suit has been  located and returned….the not so good news….it shrunk….or… it couldn’t be…? Honestly? I lost my way without my cape, flying a little low, lost a little speed and certainly lost some momentum….and… gained a little fluff….The best news? My favorite boys don’t even notice. But I do, I have the super power to be me and Mom.

The shrinking of my Super Mom suit 🙂 was a wake up call. I am human. But it is time to dig deep, fight for me and find my own superness again.

My cape is back on, my head on straight(er) and I am on a mission to fit back in my suit, get moving forward and inspire the world of Super Moms to find their strength to build fit and healthy lifestyles for their families.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Mine

My strength, both physical and mental are mine. The choices I make are unique to my dedication and commitment to myself. The path I have traveled to improve my physical strength has in fact done more to harness my mental strength. I make choices everyday, I must stay dedicated and committed to myself to make choices to continue to improve myself as an individual, as the opportunity to be the best me is truly mine. I am proud of all I have accomplished in sculpting a strong physique, the physical changes not made in vanity but they are a symbol of my desire and passion for my physical and emotional health, as when I physically project a lean and sculpted physique, I am balanced, I feel strong mentally,  I can stand proud that I have made the effort to take care of what is truly mine, ME!

It’s Pomegranate Season!

  PowerFood, Superfruit! Love Pomegranates! They are in season for a short time and I take full advantage!

Pomegranates are nutrient dense, full of health benefits, providing vitamin C, B5, flavonoids, antioxidants and fiber.

Takes a bit of work and can be a bit of mess to get to the edible seeds of the pomegranate but well worth the effort.  Cut off the top of the pomegranate and gently slice around the outer skin of the pomegranate then gently pull it open into sections with your fingers. You will make a mess, juice seems to squirt so keep a towel handy, and you will end up with pomegranate pink fingers by the time you are done. Separate the seeds from the inner membrane and pop them into a bowl keep them in the fridge….if any make it there. 🙂 I think my kids eat half of the pomegranate before I finish harvesting the seeds (I have the same problem when I slice watermelon in the summer! )

Eat the seeds on their own as  sweet snack, toss them onto cereal or salad or mix them in your yogurt. Perhaps an ingredient for an antioxidant packed smoothie or shake? Be creative and enjoy!

Any other favorite uses for the powerful pomegranate?

At Home Workout

Sometimes my role as Mom means I need to ‘be there’ when the kids wake up. No particular reason just so they know I am there.  More of this lately with my little Max as he is adjusting to return to school and needing more time with Mom. Do I miss my ‘quiet’ time at the gym these mornings, yes…but I make no excuses and create a workout to kick my own butt in the comfort of my home gym.

Here’s how it went this morning…

  • Lunge-Squat- Lunge-Squat…that’s one rep  🙂
  • Single leg bridge with heel on stability ball
  • Leg curl in holding bridge position with stability ball under heels
  • Single leg RDL with DB single arm row (one each arm on each leg for one rep)
  • Reverse lunge with single arm row with cable

These were all completed as a circuit and I did 3 rounds.

Followed by a brisk 30 minute walk in the “brisker than I planned” morning air.

Arriving home in time for a snuggle, a game of Battleship on the iPod AND a game of Rollin’ Bones.    🙂   All before 8 am…..Kids are off to school on the bus, husband off to work and now I must take off my Super Mom cape, get in the car and head off to work.

The Sum of all things….

Life is sculpted by the sum of all the little choices you make throughout every day. I do not intend to give you cause to agonize over every little decision but instead to see the beauty in this, the opportunity to improve yourself one day at a time, one change at a time. Looking at the whole, makes change too overwhelming, easier to just stay in your comfort zone….but ask your self “am I really comfortable?” More comfortable than change, most likely, but consider breaking it down into a bunch of little changes, start somewhere and build. Stepping (ok, sometimes requiring a solid push) outside your comfort zone is scary but so rewarding.

Take a look at where/who you are, what you like about where/who you are and then consider what it is you would improve. What’s stopping you? Life is not a destination but a journey for continued improvement and experimentation to create a better life and a better you.

What would make a better you? What would make you smile more every day?

Your 1st challenge is simply to get started, not with the biggest change or the toughest challenge but just  get started, make one change today and conquer it! Take the strength you find within yourself with every little victory to move forward and tackle another challenge.

Where will you start?

Today I will ___________________.

Sculpting your Fit and Healthy Lifestyle

Life is a journey, with plenty of side trips, sometimes sidecars and the unexpected over night stay or all-nighter.  The key to enjoying the journey is to create balance and dedicate yourself to living a fit and healthy lifestyle so you have the physical and mental strength to tackle (and enjoy!) all that life throws at you. Learn to enjoy the paths you take wherever the little detours may lead you. View obstacles as challenges, find the inspiration to tackle them and drive forward with the strength you find in yourself as your conquer these challenges. Take time to celebrate the victories however small they may seem. Take time to smell the roses, feel the warmth of the sun, the warmth of a hug, see the sparkle in the eyes of a child….

Enjoying the journey requires finding balance, requiring some changes in your way of thinking, changing habits and stepping outside your comfort zone. Balance requires an honest look at yourself, the choices you make and the environment you choose to live in. Surround yourself with positive people, people who understand and support you as well as inspire and motivate you to be the best you you can be! Consider your outlook, be sure to see the glass half-full, focus on the positive!

Live your dreams, spend time everyday improving you! Stop letting life happen to you, grab on and live it the way that makes your happy!

I would consider myself “average” in that I am a mother, wife and work full-time outside the home with over an hour commuting time each day. I find/make the time to be/do all that and most importantly be ME! I have made my own transformation (I know, starting to sound like a lot of sites), I have learned that ME matters, my physical and mental health. I chose to make ME a priority and am sculpting a lifestyle that sculpts my body and allows me to live. Not easy….I, too, struggle to find balance which leads me to my purpose, my drive to again find that balance, continue to improve my own life, further sculpt myself and my healthy lifestyle, as well as guide and inspire others to find the best in themselves, sculpting  a fit, healthy and balanced lifestyle.

Welcome aboard, it’s going to be a fantastic journey!