At Home Workout

Sometimes my role as Mom means I need to ‘be there’ when the kids wake up. No particular reason just so they know I am there.  More of this lately with my little Max as he is adjusting to return to school and needing more time with Mom. Do I miss my ‘quiet’ time at the gym these mornings, yes…but I make no excuses and create a workout to kick my own butt in the comfort of my home gym.

Here’s how it went this morning…

  • Lunge-Squat- Lunge-Squat…that’s one rep  🙂
  • Single leg bridge with heel on stability ball
  • Leg curl in holding bridge position with stability ball under heels
  • Single leg RDL with DB single arm row (one each arm on each leg for one rep)
  • Reverse lunge with single arm row with cable

These were all completed as a circuit and I did 3 rounds.

Followed by a brisk 30 minute walk in the “brisker than I planned” morning air.

Arriving home in time for a snuggle, a game of Battleship on the iPod AND a game of Rollin’ Bones.    🙂   All before 8 am…..Kids are off to school on the bus, husband off to work and now I must take off my Super Mom cape, get in the car and head off to work.